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“Services Provided Locally”

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We live where you live. We work where you live ... or work (6 km or less). 



Yeomanry is a self-performing general contractor. What’s that? There are some 100 professionals and trades involved in renovation and construction projects. Depending on project design and materials used, that number can be maximised up or minimised down to a handful.

As a self-performing general contractor, we employ directly some of the trades. For example, framing carpenters, fine carpenters (windows, door, casings, trims), millwrights (cabinet makers), electricians, plumbers, cladders (building envelope installers), masons, tile setters, hardwood floor installers, carpet layers, insulation installers, drywall installers, plasterers, painters, ceiling texture applicators, landscape installers (horticulture and arboriculture), hard landscape installers (stone, block, bricks), roofers, cleaners… just to name a few vocations employed and deployed from here.

What do we do?   Whatever is needed.

  • HANDYMAN SERVICES: Minor repairs, preventive maintenance, other. We are like a living-out resident manager, or, a reliable and useful neighbour. We live and work in your neighbourhood. Every customer has their very own go-to yeomanry team.

  • RENOVATION: Residential, commercial, institutional. Any size. Any challenge.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Homes, low-rise wood-frames, other. We’re still evolving.


How to create competitive advantage?   By facing every challenge:

  1. GENERAL COMPETITION: What distinguishes Special Forces over Regular Forces? More, much more training. Trade and beyond trade qualifications. Endow every mind with broader thinking, knowledge, experience, wisdom...

  1. PRICE COMPETITION: Yeomanry function at the lowest operating cost in the industry. Ask us we’ll gladly demonstrate.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: What is the difference between an amateur and a pro? One of them is predictable. Say this do this. Say then do then. We serve with pleasure. With proper rules of conduct. Again… training! Common labels, habits, reflexes. Here, the introvert and the extravert react in the same way.


Bonus factors:

A. We work where you live (or work). We live where you live. Economies of distance. Imagine the difference of things mentioned when set into motion.

B. Our structures, procedures are practical and efficient. Our values and principles shine. Just some of the many things we study, discuss and practice.

C. We use modern technology. Doesn’t matter where you are on the globe (internet access required). Be it Tasmania or twenty blocks away. You have real time access to your project (during our workhours).


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